Tuesday, March 27, 2012


We asked our grandson Caleb to say family prayer the other night. He said "No, I've been doing it all day. I am like Enos."
We went downtown yesterday to see the Children's part of the Church History Museum, City Creek Center and the Christus at temple square. On the way downtown it was raining and Caleb said, "It's raining cows and dogs!"
We had such a great day downtown. The Children's part of the Museum was fabulous. The kids had so much fun! They got to dress up in costumes and dance, sailed on a ship to the promised land and caught a fish along the way. They grew fruits and veggies, played tortilla toss,  and there was much more. It was really a fun day for all of us. The museum is free (what a bargain:)!)

City Creek Center (in Salt Lake City) is unbelievable. City creek runs down the middle of the mall, and there are tons of wonderful stores. I have to tell you about 77 kids (the American Eagle childrens store). It is so fun. They have made it a pleasure for mothers trying to shop with their children. There is a camera where the children can take their pictures, embelish them and then print them off all, for free! They have a counter full of prizes that they give to the children who have been"very good" (the prizes are free).  They also have lights that flash on the floor that our one year old granddaughter thought were histerical! The kids stomp on the pictures and they think they are turning them off. It was great fun!

Rachel and Bria got their ears pierced. They were so brave and they look so beautiful!

Temple square is in bloom. The trees and flowers were gorgeous! The children are so darling.

 The Christus is fabulous and so moving! The kids went and asked the missionaries to turn on the presentation so they could hear about Jesus. Their idea! They are so sweet!
Our little Kate, so smiley and so sweet! Family is what it is all about!

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