Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I am so excited about my new blog! Bear with me please I am new at blogging! The thing is I love style of all kinds!  I love to quilt and decorate my home and I certainly love clothes and jewelry.  Style can be pricey and  since I am not shall we say well padded I had to learn to do it on a budget. Thus this blog. How to indulge your love of style on a budget.

Today's tip -How to get gorgeous jewelry for free.  A year ago I was visiting my daughter in Texas and she introduced me to Stella and Dot jewelry.  I was in love with this gorgeous jewelry, however, I could not afford all of the pieces I wanted. When Jen told me she got her jewelry for free and at 1/2 price just by holding a trunk show in her home I was skeptical.  I had been a Tupperware dealer a few OK quite a few years ago and trust me an orange peeler was a fabulous hostess gift. I didn't think there was any way Stella and Dot was giving away free jewelry for hosting a trunk show. Maybe an orange peeler but not free jewelry. All I had to do was invite a few friends over for an evening of style? It sounded fun so I decided to give it a try. One small catch, there was not an active Stella and Dot stylist in Utah at the time. Dang! What was I to do? I decided to look into being a stylist myself. I learned that it was really pretty easy and inexpensive  ($199 for your kit which got me all of the supplies that I needed and $450 in jewelry) I decided to give it a try. That was a year ago and I have been having a blast hosting Stella and Dot trunk shows ever since. I have a ton of gorgeous jewelry that I have earned for free plus a sizable commission nestled away in the bank. Now not everyone wants to be a stylist and that's good for me because I give trunks shows that you can invite your friends to.  You will get fabulous hostess rewards (I got $550 in free jewelry and 4 1/2 priced items at my own trunk show, turns out my daughter knew what she was talking about). So that is how you get gorgeous jewelry for free and I would love to help you. This month I am offering a free Olivia Pearl Necklace
to the first one to respond to my invite to do a show. Plus you will receive free and 1/2 price jewelry from Stella and Dot.

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