Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Great Deals at the Loft

I just returned from a trip to the mall. The Loft has some really cute tops on their final sale. They range in price from $9.98 - 14.88 a real deal. Regular sale items are on for an additional 30% off. Check it out SO cute! Have fun shopping!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

More Style for a Steal

Need a gift for a little girl? This darling necklace, the Dylan Necklace  is on sale for $14.40. All of the little girls jewerly comes in a cute tin that the girls love as much as the necklace! The Allie Ribbon and Pearl necklace comes with a detatchable flower that you can use on the necklace or in a little girl's hair. 

The Kristin Pearl Bracelet is not on sale but looks so darling with the Allie Ribbon and Pearl necklace.
Kristin Pearl Bracelet
See them all, and order at


Today's tip: The Gap! Check out the sale racks. I have gotten some of the most fabulous deals on the sale racks. When things from the website are returned to the store they are often put on the sale rack at deep discounts. I got a darling pencil skirt for $9. I have found fabulous bargains on pants $8 - 15 dollars and many cute tops. Gotta love the days that there are additional discounts signs on display. An addition 40% off the sale price makes for a great bargain. I love the pajamas that Gap has too. They are so soft and comfy. I got a pair of pajamas (top and bottom) for $10 on the sale rack and they are so warm and comfy.  Love them!

Also, sign up for emails from your favorite stores. You will get notices on sales that can be fabulous!


We asked our grandson Caleb to say family prayer the other night. He said "No, I've been doing it all day. I am like Enos."
We went downtown yesterday to see the Children's part of the Church History Museum, City Creek Center and the Christus at temple square. On the way downtown it was raining and Caleb said, "It's raining cows and dogs!"
We had such a great day downtown. The Children's part of the Museum was fabulous. The kids had so much fun! They got to dress up in costumes and dance, sailed on a ship to the promised land and caught a fish along the way. They grew fruits and veggies, played tortilla toss,  and there was much more. It was really a fun day for all of us. The museum is free (what a bargain:)!)

City Creek Center (in Salt Lake City) is unbelievable. City creek runs down the middle of the mall, and there are tons of wonderful stores. I have to tell you about 77 kids (the American Eagle childrens store). It is so fun. They have made it a pleasure for mothers trying to shop with their children. There is a camera where the children can take their pictures, embelish them and then print them off all, for free! They have a counter full of prizes that they give to the children who have been"very good" (the prizes are free).  They also have lights that flash on the floor that our one year old granddaughter thought were histerical! The kids stomp on the pictures and they think they are turning them off. It was great fun!

Rachel and Bria got their ears pierced. They were so brave and they look so beautiful!

Temple square is in bloom. The trees and flowers were gorgeous! The children are so darling.

 The Christus is fabulous and so moving! The kids went and asked the missionaries to turn on the presentation so they could hear about Jesus. Their idea! They are so sweet!
Our little Kate, so smiley and so sweet! Family is what it is all about!

Monday, March 26, 2012


I asked my 9 year old grandson Caleb if he knew who was running for president. He proudly replied, "Yes I do; Ron Paul, Mitt Romney, Solomon and Grinch!"

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Style for a Steal

There are some fabulous pieces of jewelry on sale now on my website
The La Coco chain necklace is a great must have piece for any jewelry wardrobe. It is a very versatile necklace! It looks great layered with a pearl or beaded necklace.  It can also be worn alone. You can be double it and wear it as a 4 strand short necklace or wear it longer as a 2 strand necklace. There is a bracelet on the back that you can clip on for a longer necklace or clip off for a shorter version. Of course you can wear the bracelet alone as a bracelet too. The normal price was $69 it is on sale now for $41.40. For necklace and a bracelet! Great value.

 There is also the cascading chain necklace on sale that is gorgeous and a great wardrobe builder. Originally it was $69 and is now on sale for $41.40.


A few years ago I took up quilting. I love it! Combining fabrics into something that is beautiful is addictive to me! I love looking at patterns,  touching fabrics and creating quilts. I came up with an idea to display my fabrics when I found this shelf at a local furniture store. It was on sale for $50. No kidding! I found a new dining room set at the same store for 1/2 price so I used my old dining room table for the base of this sewing center. The table was a dark brown oak so to match it to the shelf I took a piece of it to the paint store and had them match the color in a paint that would ahere to formica (the table top was formica). Then I just painted the table and put the shelf on top. I loaded it with my fabrics and now I can look at them and be inspired by them all of the time. The dining room table makes the perfect place to cut fabrics and to set up my sewing machine. The large surface is great for sewing quilts. I can leave my sewing machine up all of the time and sew a seam here and a seam there when I have a moment.  I found this darling chair at the same store (Eldredge Interiors). When I first saw it the price tag was way out of my price range. It was around $400. I just kept my eye on it and finally was able to purchase it for $80. It is the perfect height and compliment to my sewing table.

This is one of my favorite quilts. I used fabrics that I collected over time. I love the way it turned out!
Fabric buying tip: I always purchase fabrics on sale (have you seen the price of fabric lately? $10 a yard and up for cotton, crazy*#!) a local fabric store, Elaine's Quilt Block, has $3 yard fabric sales that are fabulous. I am a fabric snob (why would I want to spend all of the time and effort to make a gorgeous quilt out of inferior fabric) so I am picky about the fabrics that I purchase and these sale fabrics are the best. I buy what I love and combine them to make quilts that I love. I never purchase the entire line of a fabric to make a quilt I always pick fabrics from my shelf and combine them.  I promised myself that I would never buy more fabric than would fit into this shelf or I could really be overun by fabrics not to mention the money I would waste buying fabrics that I would never have the time to use.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I am so excited about my new blog! Bear with me please I am new at blogging! The thing is I love style of all kinds!  I love to quilt and decorate my home and I certainly love clothes and jewelry.  Style can be pricey and  since I am not shall we say well padded I had to learn to do it on a budget. Thus this blog. How to indulge your love of style on a budget.

Today's tip -How to get gorgeous jewelry for free.  A year ago I was visiting my daughter in Texas and she introduced me to Stella and Dot jewelry.  I was in love with this gorgeous jewelry, however, I could not afford all of the pieces I wanted. When Jen told me she got her jewelry for free and at 1/2 price just by holding a trunk show in her home I was skeptical.  I had been a Tupperware dealer a few OK quite a few years ago and trust me an orange peeler was a fabulous hostess gift. I didn't think there was any way Stella and Dot was giving away free jewelry for hosting a trunk show. Maybe an orange peeler but not free jewelry. All I had to do was invite a few friends over for an evening of style? It sounded fun so I decided to give it a try. One small catch, there was not an active Stella and Dot stylist in Utah at the time. Dang! What was I to do? I decided to look into being a stylist myself. I learned that it was really pretty easy and inexpensive  ($199 for your kit which got me all of the supplies that I needed and $450 in jewelry) I decided to give it a try. That was a year ago and I have been having a blast hosting Stella and Dot trunk shows ever since. I have a ton of gorgeous jewelry that I have earned for free plus a sizable commission nestled away in the bank. Now not everyone wants to be a stylist and that's good for me because I give trunks shows that you can invite your friends to.  You will get fabulous hostess rewards (I got $550 in free jewelry and 4 1/2 priced items at my own trunk show, turns out my daughter knew what she was talking about). So that is how you get gorgeous jewelry for free and I would love to help you. This month I am offering a free Olivia Pearl Necklace
to the first one to respond to my invite to do a show. Plus you will receive free and 1/2 price jewelry from Stella and Dot.