Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Today's tip: The Gap! Check out the sale racks. I have gotten some of the most fabulous deals on the sale racks. When things from the website are returned to the store they are often put on the sale rack at deep discounts. I got a darling pencil skirt for $9. I have found fabulous bargains on pants $8 - 15 dollars and many cute tops. Gotta love the days that there are additional discounts signs on display. An addition 40% off the sale price makes for a great bargain. I love the pajamas that Gap has too. They are so soft and comfy. I got a pair of pajamas (top and bottom) for $10 on the sale rack and they are so warm and comfy.  Love them!

Also, sign up for emails from your favorite stores. You will get notices on sales that can be fabulous!

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