Thursday, April 5, 2012

Kenna Kicked Cancer!

I am so excited and relieved to say that Kenna Kicked Cancer. (To see more about McKenna's battle with leukemia please go to the blog link listed on this page.) To celebrate I am launching a benefit sale for Childhood Leukemia (my granddaughter McKenna was diagnosed with leukemia in 2009).The sale will run from now until May 11th and  I will donate my commission from the sales of at this show to our local children's hospital in McKenna's name.

Leukemia is a horrible disease that affects people of all ages. There is a high cure rate in the very young. The treatment is very hard and long. It is two and a half years of brutal chemo therapy. Because McKenna was diagnosed at the age of 14 her chances of being cured were far less than those who present at a much younger age. I am so happy and relieved to say that in December we found out that McKenna is in remission! To celebrate I want to do a jewelry party and give the proceeds to benefit the sweet children that have been afflicted with leukemia. Thank you for your support! To participate in this benefit sale please go to and at the checkout type in Kenna Kicked as your hostess or type in Kenna Kicked at the check out. Thank you so much for your help! Let's raise a lot of money for children who are fighting a battle with leumkeia. You can purchase online from now until May 10th for this Benefit.

Our new summer capsule collection is coming out on April 10 and it is going to be fabulous! Here is a sneak peak of just a few of the new items that will be available on April 10!

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